Travels With An Organ To Perilous Lands


It is 1882. From the drawing room of her father’s town house in Paris, Aliette dreams of adventure, specifically overcoming odds to spread her music to lost worlds. When the opportunity for such a journey arises, she soon discovers life outside her sheltered existence is more perilous than she could ever imagine.

Aboard the Preposterous, Aliette and her hotch-potch band of companions are joined by a leprechaun, a griffin and a policeman from Orion. Among their adventures they must outsmart a non-existent shark, monsters from folklore, giant cockroaches and the forces of the law. They take part in a dangerous mechanical donkey derby, play poker with a notorious pirate and compete in the world’s deadliest golf tournament. But in order to find a lost Continent, stolen diamonds, a pot of gold and a hidden treasure, they must first learn to find themselves.

Just as well Aliette has brought along her trusted, pipe organ.

Travels with an Organ to Perilous Lands is a light-hearted gem of a story, captivating the spirit and sending it soaring in the sea breeze. Everyone is invited to join in the chorus!

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