To Be Frank


Frank is 62 and a recovering alcoholic who lives in a rented room in a shared house. Despite having a roof over his head, food in his belly and work he enjoys at Felixstowe docks, there’s something missing in his life – a family he can call his own.

A solicitor’s letter and an unexpected inheritance changes everything. With growing confidence, Frank discovers his true self; his social life improves, as does his love life, and he meets people who can help him solve the mystery of his parentage. The search brings back memories of his younger days, when one summer he worked as a casual labourer in the gardens of Trelawney Manor in Suffolk, with a man called Reg. It was Reg’s support that helped Frank become sober and remain so for over twenty years.

When Frank is finally reconciled with his birth mother and family, he uncovers their past connections with Trelawney Manor. Frank feels fortunate to be able to pull together many pieces of his life but finding his father proves to be more of a challenge.  



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