About Us


Blossom Spring Publishing is a leading independent publishing house established in 2015.

We are a dynamic publisher of bestselling commercial fiction and we also publish commercial non-fiction and children’s books.

We connect authors and readers globally, publishing books of a wide range of genres and many resulting in award-winning titles. We are proud of our books and the authors we represent.



What our authors say about us!

Deborah Fox – Author  It’s my 1st book anniversary today. Thank you Blossom Spring Publishing for taking a chance on me and my book Second Hand Rose. What a year!!!!

Jillian Brown  recommends Blossom Spring Publishing. I was a bit unsure to begin with, but Blossom Spring has been outstanding in publishing my first book. Making the whole process smooth and kept me informed. I’m delighted with the finished product.

Ashley Brandt – Author Blossom Spring Publishing has done it again! Another fabulous cover! Deadwoods book 4 is in the works! Thank you Blossom Spring Publishing!