About Us


Blossom Spring Publishing is a leading independent publishing house established in 2015.

We are a dynamic publisher of bestselling commercial fiction and we also publish commercial non-fiction and children’s books.

We connect authors and readers globally, publishing books of a wide range of genres and many resulting in award-winning titles. We are proud of our books and the authors we represent.

Our submissions are always open and we do read every manuscript sent to us. Please see our submissions page for further details.


What our authors say about us!


Author Ruth Enright

Author of Seahaven, Clarionettes and the Button Box Series

I would love to share with new writers what a great experience it is being one of Blossom Spring Publishing’s authors. I am on my fourth book and have just signed off my typeset. From cover design artist, Laura, to the editors I have been so lucky to work with and with Claire Voet at the helm, you get fantastic support, top-quality work and a beautifully finished published book. Claire and the team publicise books on their website https://blossomspringpublishing.com with ‘coming soon’ lead-up posts and a launch, with plenty of advice on promotion for authors. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and feel very privileged indeed to be publishing my fourth book this year with BSP. I highly recommend my independent publisher to anyone wondering where to submit. They cover many genres and all age groups in their list of publications.


 Author Deborah Fox

Author of Second Hand Rose and Where Has All the Grass Gone?

It’s my 1st book anniversary today. Thank you Blossom Spring Publishing for taking a chance on me and my book Second Hand Rose. What a year!!!!


 Author Jillian Brown 

Author of Purrfectly Pawsome: Tales From a Cat Sitter

Blossom Spring Publishing has been outstanding in publishing my first book. Making the whole process smooth and kept me informed. I’m delighted with the finished product.


 Author Mohadesa Najumi

Author of Mind Over Mind  – Using Self-Talk To Clear Brain Fog

My experience with Blossom Spring Publishing has been wonderful. Their team has been incredible. They have supported me every step of the way. I love the cover design that Laura created as it is perfectly suited to the text it houses. Claudia’s editorial notes improved my manuscript greatly, she has a brilliant eye for detail and knows what a book needs in order for it to read well. Claire is an excellent Publishing Manager who ignited my wonderful journey with Blossom Spring Publishing. I am indebted to her, Laura and Claudia. A star team — highly recommended!


Author Allison Lee

The Final Chase, Live or Die, All The Gear, No Idea!

Finding the right publisher can be a minefield. Although I had previously written nonfiction books that had been published, this was my first venture into writing fiction, and I am so pleased that I came across Blossom Spring Publishers. Claire and the team have been supportive of my journey from the very beginning, and I have published two fiction books with them, with another two nonfiction titles on the horizon.

Working with Blossom Spring Publishing is a joy.  They are with you every step of the way, offering support and advice, and I highly recommend them.


Review By Author Ashley Brandt

Coyote, Creatures of Chaos Series, Secrets of the Deadwoods Series
Something Like Murder

Blossom Spring Publishing has done it again! Another fabulous cover!

BSP published my first novel and subsequent books. They are friendly and professional, and they produce quality work. My experience with them has been very positive.


Review by John Pendleton

Working with Blossom Spring Publishing is a joy.  They are with you every step of the way, offering support and advice, and I highly recommend them. Blossom Spring Publishing published my third novel and I found them to be helpful, encouraging and efficient throughout the whole exercise. I therefore chose them to publish my fourth novel. They have produced excellent, eye-catching cover designs and come up with lots of useful marketing tips. They are patient and understanding and a pleasure to work with.