The Fortune Teller’s Handbook


After the sudden death of her husband, Doris Annie de Vere, a wealthy but lonely woman, moves to Eastbourne, where she meets Jim Foster, handsome, charismatic and still mourning the death of Molly, his beloved wife. At last, in a new town, Doris Annie feels able to shed her much loathed given names and introduce herself as Georgia de Vere. And with Jim’s love, she blossoms into a confident and attractive woman. Amongst her late husband’s possessions, Georgia discovers a book from the Victorian era, ‘The Fortune Teller’s Handbook’. The book proclaims Jim to be, ‘obstinate, hot-tempered and surrounded by death.’ Is the book aware of his corrupt and evil past? Before he retired to Eastbourne, Jim had been the proud owner of a very successful business, ‘The Foster Advertising Agency.’ Unfortunately, he’d been naive and allowed himself to be double-crossed by his good friend, popular entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bernie P. Epstein. One dark winter’s night, East End boy Bernie is murdered. Could Bernie’s murder be the price of betrayal? ‘An intriguing tale of love, betrayal and murder…’ 

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