The Sword Of Uncreation


An ancient war has been going on between angels and demons for centuries and God is desperate to finally find peace. To do that he has The Sword of Uncreation made for him but soon regrets it. Once the war is over, and Satan has been sent back to Hell, God decides that such a weapon is far too dangerous for either side to possess and it is hidden on Earth so that not even He knows where it is.

Protected by generation after generation of guardians, The Sword has been kept safe from those that might misuse it.

One day, the latest guard gets disgruntled, bored and disillusioned with his thankless job, and therefore agrees to sell his soul and The Sword to Satan. However, when he changes his mind, the breach of contract doesn’t go down well in Hell.

Desperate to get their hands on it first, both sides start a desperate race to find the legendary sword and claim the ultimate prize; a quest that results in a bizarre battle between the strange armies of good and evil.

Will Heaven be safe or will God have to start a new war He might not be able to win?

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