Deception In The Shadows – Gerica’s Tale


She thought he had saved her to give her a better life, but he stole her to save his kingdom!

King Beckford’s fulfilling reign over the kingdom of Leward was disturbed by an unwanted intruder, an intruder who had upsetting news about the future.

Determined not to lose his kingdom, King Beckford enlists the help of a strange psychic. And in order to ensure the future of his kingdom, he takes Gerica under his wing and raises her as his own. But she is much different than the King was led to believe. Followed by devious shadows, and stalked by nightmares, Gerica is not what the King had in mind.

King Beckford let danger into his castle the day Gerica came to stay, and before long, death has a grip of the castle, forever changing the
faith of Leward.

Trapped between her life now, and the life she should have had, Gerica finds herself in the midst of chaos.


A captivating story of treachery, betrayal and secrets…

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