Blossom Spring Publishing is one of the few publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts (that is, those that are not presented to us by an agent and self-published authors).  We accept manuscripts for fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novellas and children’s stories with illustrations.

At present we are particularly interested in the following:

  • commercial women’s fiction, including historical romance and saga
  • crime and psychological thrillers
  • paranormal and mystery
  • children’s fiction
  • humour
  • health & well-being
We do not accept
  • poetry
  • stories that carry a theme for one occasion only such as Christmas, Thanks Giving, Easter etc.
  • work written in languages other than English
  • memoirs
  • cook books

What is Blossom Spring Publishing looking for?


The manuscript should have an exciting plot and be carefully planned, with an ending that is not predictable! The interest should be generated by the characters themselves, making us care about what happens to them.  We desire novels that will take the reader out of the realm of everyday existence. We don’t publish extreme profanity which we consider unnecessary in any credible literary work. However, a small amount of mild bad language is acceptable, if relevant to the character. We also discourage stories that exploit sexual abuse, abuse to children, extreme violence, racism and promotion of hatred. Above all, we are looking for originality.


Innovative material with a positive message, interesting and facts that have been researched thoroughly.

Children’s Books

We look for children’s stories that are fun, exciting, engaging, educational and ideally has a moral to the story.

How To Submit Your Manuscript

If you would like us to consider your manuscript we ask that you use our online form below.

There are two possible replies you will receive from us after we have read your work:

  1. You will be offered a Traditional Publishing agreement. We do not offer an advance on sales but we will cover ALL publishing costs.
  2. You will be offered our Package B Publishing agreement. This is given to authors that show potential in their work but have yet to establish a large readership.  With this agreement we ask authors to pay a token fee towards the publishing costs. (*Note that this is not vanity publishing. A vanity publisher will agree to publish any work and as a rule they do not offer mainstream publishing with traditional contracts. In other words, they will say yes to every submission!) Our fee can vary depending on the type of book you have written, but we do our very best to keep it low cost and pay as much as we can for you. By offering this agreement it means that we are not at a complete financial loss if your story doesn’t sell to our expectations. We have introduced this type of contract with the intention of giving authors a fair chance to start their writing career and move them onto our traditional publishing contract as soon as possible.   If you wish to be considered for our traditional agreement ONLY then please state this in the form below and provide details about previously published works and your average book sales.
    Before starting the form it is recommended that you prepare the following:

Make sure that your name and email address are shown clearly at the top of your synopsis and manuscript.

  • For fiction and non-fiction – a one or two page synopsis and the first 3 chapters or complete manuscript if you have written a children’s story.
  • All manuscripts should be in 1.5 line spacing and font size 12, chapters and pages also numbered with indented paragraphs. No footers or headers and edited to a good standard.  We have high regard for good presentation. Your manuscript could be turned down simply because the presentation is poor or not easy to read. Your complete manuscript should be sent as an attachment in Word Document or PDF file.
  • Children’s stories intended as a picture book MUST be submitted with illustrations, or at least a sample illustration of the main characters. We no do not provide illustrations and will not consider picture books without a sample illustration/s.
  • Submissions to Blossom Spring Publishing are confidential. We carefully consider all submissions, but because of the high volume we receive we cannot give individual feedback or editorial guidance. We will reply to you within 4 -8 weeks if we would like to offer you a publishing agreement. There is no need to follow up your submission. If you don’t hear from us it means we are unable to offer you a publishing contract at this time, but we thank you for giving us the opportunity to read your work.

We look forward to reading your story!

Submit Your Manuscript