The Black Door


After his parent’s divorce, Stanley is uprooted from the family home and thrust into the enigmatic residence of Robert (Bob) Benkley. Within the antiquated walls of this Victorian townhouse, Stanley stumbles upon a hidden portal, the mysterious ‘Black Door,’ leading him to an ethereal dimension known as the through and through.

Entering this enchanting realm, Stanley discovers a sanctuary where imagination knows no bounds. However, his newfound haven is threatened by the emergence of Regie Grimrose, a malevolent force who seeks to exploit the through and through for his insatiable wishes. Balancing on the precipice between the echoes of his parent’s divorce and the allure of this magical world, Stanley grapples with loneliness and uncertainty. To survive, he must confront his deepest fears, protect his newfound friend Bob, and unlock the extraordinary power within himself.

‘The Black Door’ weaves a spellbinding tale of bravery and self-discovery, illuminating the transformative journey of a young boy caught between two worlds. With courage as his guide and imagination as his weapon, Stanley embarks on a thrilling quest, reminding readers of the indomitable strength that lies within the human spirit.

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