Closing Shop


Satan is fed up and why shouldn’t he be? Even in hell, no matter how diabolically imaginative someone is, there are only a finite number of uses for a red hot poker. So, in an enthusiastic and uncharacteristic fit of optimism, he contacts God and calls a truce in the hope that he will be allowed back into Heaven.

The chosen location is the finest hotel in Hawaii. And when both summit members go as the President of the USA, the residents do not know what they are letting themselves in for.

Not trusting each other, they bring their armies as back up and both sides end up camped next to each other on the same nature reserve -the uneasy truce kept thanks to a seemingly uneven boxing match.

Unfortunately, Satan sneaks his weapon of madly assured destruction into the hotel, it escapes, and all Hell breaks loose. Will Heaven, Hell or Earth, ever be the same again?

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