Finn Cready, a scientist, helps four children escape the experimental laboratory where they were born, in hopes of giving them the normal life they deserve. However, the children are anything but normal, they have each been born with special abilities that make them very important to the man who created them, Oleander Snyde.

Ten years pass in hiding and Samantha, Michael, Apollo and Amelia, are no longer children. Now they must learn to live with the extraordinary abilities that make them unique, knowing they will always be hunted and tracked down by Oleander Snyde. Even after all these years, he will stop at nothing to entrap them and reclaim the four he considers to be rightfully his.

They must be ready to protect themselves and to potentially protect the world from a much greater threat. The question is – will their powers be enough?

An embracing story of overwhelming challenges, sacrifices, and hope!

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