Chagford Revisited


Marker, an American Anglophile software engineer, has purchased the home Evelyn Waugh stayed in while writing Brideshead Revisited.  He soon discovers the house is a money pit and quickly runs through his life’s savings. To save his home, he and his friends from the Castrated Goat, his local pub, start staging 1930’s style murder mystery role-play weekends for guests in Marker’s home.  This attracts the attention of cheapskate BBC producers, who seize upon the low-cost opportunity to produce a lucrative TV series.

Marker soon runs afoul of the Lord Mayor’s wife, the patrons of the Tortured Terrier, a supercilious rival pub, and the law.  After causing an international diplomatic incident, getting arrested, and surviving a septuagenarian sex scandal, he succeeds in making Chagford the singles destination in the UK. But is this the Chagford he came to England to find?


“Very funny!”

            Vanessa Furse Jackson, author of What I Cannot Say to You and Grief Road

“A Harrowing tale of being careful what you wish for!” 

            Jose Antonio Coronado, author of The Arrow’s Heart and When You Were Pretty


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