The Nurse-Keeper


In 1664, a comet catapulted across the skies of England. Some feared it was an ill omen.

The following year London was visited by a terrifying plague. A scale of disease that had not been seen since the 14th Century when the Black Death had ravaged Europe. There was a mass exodus of citizens from the city, but many poor and suffering people were left behind with only a few others to help them. There seemed little choice between good and evil. Horrible deeds were done, death stalked the filthy alleys and tragedy lurked around every corner.

Yet this is a story which centres around the struggles of three brave citizens – a good doctor, a priest and a wealthy young woman, who disguised herself as a humble nurse-keeper.

Even when London Town is consumed by fire, somewhere, there is a glimmer of light and somehow an unlikely love story…     

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