Catch The Dusk


*Winner of the BSP short story competition!

Middleham House stands alone on the bleak Yorkshire moors, its windows blackened by moody skies. Occasionally, a hint of light may touch the shadows but only when the clouds uncover the sun, or a full moon touches the dusty glass. The house has an atmosphere.  Shadows and voices lay inside its rooms, yet nobody other than Gelda Foster can see or hear them, but her mind isn’t what it used to be. She has disturbing thoughts, and visions of the past haunt her in such a way that she has no perception of reality.

Gelda’s son Maximillian is a cold, practical man and his mother is a burden, in his opinion. The noise and hallucinations inside her head are due to mental illness, or a form of dementia that is just beginning to manifest itself. She would be better off in another place.  

Millie Gayford is a writer. Her cosy little holiday let in Robin Hood’s Bay is just what she needs to wind down and pursue the project sitting on her laptop. And Middleham House is the perfect backdrop for a mystery thriller. Lantern Cottage is also owned by the Foster family. The dark figure that passes through its walls, seem to edge into her subconscious when she least expects it. Millie’s own past soon begins to haunt her as the two women, Millie and Gelda, become linked by a supernatural force.

Catch The Dusk is a short story.


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