Beneath The Bridge of Sighs


American nurse, Carol Duncan, is visiting Venice with her siblings, unaware that she is being observed by a man about town and café owner, Sergio Bari. Carol is a dead ringer for his long-lost first love, Leonora Santella, and confides in his best friend Paolo, a local actor and tour guide. 

Paolo’s rendition of the Italian lover Giacomo Casanova seems to have cast a spell over the Duncan family during an evening walking tour, as one by one, special people emerge to whisk Carol’s siblings away for romances of their own. Left alone, Carol keeps to her plans to enjoy the city’s sights and sounds but she is not alone for long. With Paolo’s sage advice to “strike while the iron is hot,” Sergio succeeds in meeting Carol, only to later learn that Leonora, his past love, has returned to Venice after a decade’s absence.

In the spirit of Casanova, Carol and Sergio summon their hearts to guide them as they meld the past with the present in a quest for a love strong enough to span an ocean.

An Italian-style love story that guarantees to pull at the heartstrings!  


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