Love Loves A Mystery -Murder All Around


Detective Chief Inspector Brian Love of the Wiltshire constabulary loves a mystery. He is no stranger to death but the death of an honourable member of the nobility had not crossed his path before.

The death of the Honourable Richard Knight-Wilton happened on Love’s patch. At the onset it was thought the honourable Richard’s death was an accident but Love’s gut feeling was telling him that this was no accident. Could it be murder? Love and his team, including his new sergeant from the Met, set about solving the mysteries surrounding Richard’s death.

Love’s work load doubled when Detective Inspector Lancing broke a leg! Resulting in Lansing’s case files also winding up on Love’s desk. As if this wasn’t enough, Love and his family and friends suffered a personal tragedy which could have brought things to a complete standstill had it not been for Love being a copper through and through.

Love loves a mystery and he has more than one mystery on his hands this time when it turns out to be MURDER ALL AROUND.

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