Reincarnation never seems to follow any logical pattern!

Legend states that King Sil, an early Neolithic ruler, was buried within Silbury Hill, near Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, along with a golden treasure that marked his earthly status. Nobody has ever located Sil’s bones and horde or solved the true mystery surrounding Silbury Hill’s purpose.

Four thousand years ago, a lifetime feud between Sil and his mortal enemy Uath, culminated in a dual. A subsequent curse sees the start of a time-spanning story of true love, reincarnation, hatred and demonic revenge unfolding over thousands of years. 

Sil’s son Caradoc and his wife Sithloc spend their entire lives within a loving and warm family unit. However, Uath’s son Beran spends his entire life desperately trying to gain his father’s affection, whilst his mother, Menon, has only one ambition in life, and that is to ‘STAY ALIVE!’

How can the curse be lifted and what is the real reason for the building of Silbury Hill?

A story that truly defines the word ‘REVENGE!’


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