Return To Alder


Pippa has a poorly tummy and is in hospital.

In her ward there is a strange drawing on the wall of the entrance of the hospital. One morning whilst eating a particularly horrid breakfast, Pippa sees a girl in the drawing. The girl sneezes without covering her mouth. The particles from the sneeze, caught in the air, suddenly take on a life of their own and fly down a nearby rabbit hole in the picture.

That night Pippa, guided by an unusual, bright light coming from the path within the drawing, finds herself in a strange world where she meets a flying horse, fights a monster in order to save Alder and receives an important message from the Aldermen.

Pippa must now return to her world to spread the word and prevent further damage to Alder.

A story packed with adventure, teaching children the importance of hygiene.

A contribution from the sale of each copy of Return to Alder will go directly to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, helping them to continue the fantastic service they provide to children.

Return to Alder is the second book in the Alder series.

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