The Stationery Drawer


Mr Potborsky has a drawer full of all sorts of useless stationery, including pens that do not work, short pencils, bent paper clips, old elastic bands and rubbers.  But are they useless? No, they are not. In fact, this lively assortment have a life of their own!

When Mr Potborsky is turfed out of his office by conmen, Bill, Derek, and Sam, who plan to bulldoze the office and sell the prime plot to a supermarket chain, the collection of stationery overhear their illegal plan, and decide to do something about it.  Can they foil their plan? And will they be able to save Mr Potborksy’s office and their own home, the stationery drawer, on time?

An entertaining story teaching young readers that just because something might be a little bent or slightly broken, it could still be useful one day!

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