Zoe Wright is having a crazy day. Her friends are all ignoring her messages. Her dad hasn’t just overslept, he looks like he’s been turned to stone. Strange people are running around dressed like characters from a history book. And everybody is talking about aliens coming from outer space.

Ziggy, who really is an alien, has Zoe’s number. Their worlds are about to collide. Well sort of.

It’s not usually the job of a 14-year old girl to save the planet, but like it or not, Zoe has to try. With the help of a very old Queen, a group of refugee kids who’ve never even heard of the Internet, and some extremely noisy dogs, she’s racing against time. But will the adults keep quiet long enough to listen to what she has to say?


Reviews for other books by Lance Price:

“A gripping read” – Jeremy Vine

“A well told tale” – The Sunday Times

“Compelling…rich with historical detail” – The Observer

“Entertaining, gripping” – The Times


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