Odd Socks


Odd Socks is a family adventure story that brings to life those things that we wear on our feet – socks! Mr Foot is the most evil, nastiest and richest man in the world, who happens to have a monopoly on the sock industry. He treats his family, his factory workers, and his community terribly – nothing stands in his way of making money! However, Mr Foot unwittingly faces his biggest challenge yet when his teenage twins, Frankie and Junior, decide that they have finally had enough of their father’s despicable behaviour. With the support of a team of socks, (the leaders being a pair of very special odd socks, named Sophie and Henry), plus an international party of clothing accessories, together they embark on a mission to bring down Mr Foot’s business empire. But can they make it out of Mr Foot’s gigantic mansion? And can they save Frankie and Junior’s Mum (the long suffering Mrs Foot) and the people of Socksville in the process?

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