Outcast II – The Irish Connection


1945. Molly returns home to Hazleton Farm in Hampshire. With the war now over, it is the first Christmas the Hazletons will spend together as a family in years. But Molly is unprepared for the surprise that awaits her. Adam, her fiancé, believed to be killed in the war, is back! Molly, however, has recently moved on, starting afresh in Scotland, finding a new love with Ross McDaniel.

Caught in a love triangle and with the pressure now building, Molly once again reaches out to the ancient yew tree, known as The Ghost Tree. She vividly sees her past life and is whisked back to 1746, to a life on the run. This time she and husband Fergus, a brave Scott warrior, are taking shelter in Ireland having escaped the brutal attack of the McKenzies at Aberdoch Manor. Now the guardians of their orphaned niece and nephew, they must lay low with Cousin Michael and his wife Clodagh in Dublin. But, trouble is never far away and it isn’t long before danger and heartbreak comes calling once more.


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