Land Of Opportunity


1897, North Yorkshire. Rose Watson, a sixteen-year-old girl, bereft after her mother’s death, finds herself working long and hard hours on the family farm. Treated badly by her uncaring father and a brother who is making unwanted advances on her, she knows she must escape this torturous life. When the opportunity arises, Rose flees the farm at last and heads for Liverpool where she boards a ship to New York.

She meets a  budding singer, Agnes, who unwittingly draws her into the underworld she so often frequents. Rose soon discovers that New York is not paved with gold but is notorious for daily running battles of gang warfare and street crime. But Thomas Blackwood, an American whom she met travelling from England to America is her saviour and love soon blossoms. Rose must strive hard to make it in a new and dangerous land so very far away from home.


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