Finding Meg


Meg Martin’s life was suddenly turned upside down when her family tragically perished in a factory explosion. A college student at the time, Meg was dependent on her next-door neighbor to help her navigate details such as selling the family home and settling the estate. However, after a break-in that turns out to be far more than a simple burglary and a threat to her own life, Meg turns to the FBI for help and is soon enlisted in a Witness Protection program.

Now known as Kat, her life is still not without its problems, faced with turmoil and grief – except for finding an unexpected love at a sidewalk café, which helps bring some comfort during her dark days.

Kat longs to be Meg Martin again and decides it’s time to make it happen. But just when she thinks life is returning to normal, Meg’s stalker is back on her path.  Meg, yet again, must find a way through and this time protect those she holds dear to her before it is too late.  


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