Beast & Burden

He had died once before, but this time was different. This time, it was final. His head lay cradled on her lap as his breathing slowed. His once broad, strong frame felt weak and limp in her arms now. Her hand pressed tighter onto his wound to try and stem the flow, but it was no use. The thick blood oozed, mixed with heavy rain, and washed into the gutter. With the last of his strength, he raised his hand and wiped away her tears, and he smiled.

He was ready now.

Ready to die.

For her.

Ex-Royal Engineer Amos Fisher is launched into a world he knows little about when two armed thugs break into his house, kill his dog and kidnap his daughter. Still grieving after the loss of his wife to cancer, Amos must now steel himself to rescue his daughter from the most dangerous man in Glasgow.

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