Threads of Fate Convergence


War is coming to Aleria.

Destiny cannot be changed. The only choice the people of this world have is to flee or fight, or darkness will consume them.

An ancient prophecy, one that tells of a child born with angel blood that shall possess the power to reshape the world. For better or worse the legends do not say, only the fates know the answer.

A love that’s crossed lives, a hate that’s spanned generations. Will war destroy everything they hold dear or will Fen, a boy raised as a weapon of war, able to stay in control and save the family he has created? Or will he fall victim to his own power?

The threads of fate have started to unwind and only time can tell what the outcome will be – a new beginning for all or a world of darkness and despair!

Threads of Fate is a thrilling fantasy story, full of twists and turns – an epic romance and an emotional roller-coaster. What will happen? – Only the fates know that answer.

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