After The Snow Melts


The second book in the Agent Ryan Snow Series!

Ryan Snow is an experienced agent for the British Intelligence Service, working on high-profile cases. His latest assignment is to provide cover at a meeting taking place, deep in the heart of the Lake District.

Shortly after Ryan’s arrival, the rumours of a possible leak within the service become all too real when the agent in charge of the meeting is killed by a sniper bullet. And when a second agent is found dead in an alleyway within the shadow of the Headquarters in London, everything changes.

Ryan, alongside fellow agent Elaine Carter, travels to Dubai to unearth the connection between a dead British citizen found buried in the vast, unforgiving desert and a 15-year-old whiskey scam that may have deeper, more sinister roots than originally presumed. They must at the same time also still uncover the source of the leak within the agency. Someone inside MI6 is keeping secrets and they may not be the only ones!

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