The Woodies – Chip’s Rescue


The Woodies come from all the great trees. They are not very tall; in fact they just about reach your knees!

Chip is in trouble after taking a short cut home. The Dark Wood is not a place for Woodies. But Bark, Woody and Plank find themselves on a rescue mission to help their friend. With danger lurking, the trio have to act quickly. And it is Plank who saves the day with his accidental but humorous method of helping his friends!

Join Woody, Bark and Plank on Chip’s Rescue where you can learn about the power of friendship, staying safe and being in the great outdoors.

 The Woodies – Chip’s Rescue, is the first book in The Woodies series of books. Other Woodies like Twiggy, Shavings and the very naughty Splinter will be waiting for you to join them on more adventures…



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