The Pelican Diaries


The Paxton family have an amazing secret, kept hidden for generations.  Now it is young Harry Paxton’s turn to find out exactly what this secret is.  

His grandfather, Peter, reveals to Harry just how astonishing this secret is by reading excerpts from three diaries; the first from as far back as 1899 when his ancient relative Asa Paxton, an apprentice aboard the Annie Hope, sets sail for Australia.  The diaries contain the incredible clues behind their well kept secret, but it is only at the very end that young Harry fully understands what it is and how this will affect him for the rest of his life.

From storm and shipwreck on the jagged rocks off Kangaroo Island, to the Japanese mini-submarine attack on Sydney Harbour during World War II, then onto the desperate ordeal of a family trapped in an Australian bushfire, The Pelican Diaries has it all.  The reader is taken on a whirlwind trip through time as this fast paced thriller challenges any young reader to dare stop reading!

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