North’s Legacy


In the summer of 1736, a troubled, young doctor takes leave of his post at St Bartholomew`s Hospital in London, and journeys to The Wells, (Tunbridge Wells) the coming spa town rivalling Bath.

Unwittingly, Dr Marius Hope is caught up in a series of events: two fatal fires and a death on the town racecourse. Incidents, he discovers, that are linked to a plot to wrest the Walks (The Pantiles)  from the current joint owners: Maurice Conyers, the Lord of The Manor, and the spa town`s freeholders.

Hope`s very life is threatened  by those who will stop at nothing to gain their prize.  The only way  to  save himself, and others, is to uncover those behind the conspiracy. Much to Conyers` niece, Elizabeth`s dismay, for she is strongly attracted to Marius, and is fearful for  his safety.

North`s Legacy is based largely on historical fact: with many of the characters of the time contributing to the narrative. It culminates in Parliament deciding ownership of The Walks by means of a lottery, under the guise of: The Rusthall Manor Act of 1739.

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