Never Volunteer


Never Volunteer is an amusing, historical love story of a savvy, street-smart kid from Baltimore, Montgomery “Monty” A. Culpepper.  It is based on a true story and love letters from World War II. 

Monty grows up during the Great Depression feeling no love or affection at home from his family; nevertheless, he experiences “grand” times with his many friends from the neighborhood.  He falls madly in love with a beautiful, popular girl named Lucille Flanagan only to be separated at the outbreak of World War II. 

While Lucille volunteers at the USO, dating and dancing with numerous other servicemen, Monty campaigns to become her exclusive boyfriend. Monty’s jealousy nearly undermines their relationship. His relationship with his parents becomes as much of a struggle as trying to gain Lucille’s affection, however, his obsession with Lucille overshadows the failures with his parents. 

After the war ends and as years pass, he is never able to achieve the ambitions he thought were so easy to obtain when he was young.  Things don’t always work out the way one hopes.



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