My Picnic Basket


The Birdsall family are enjoying some quality time together with fun days out to the seaside and more. But when they return home from a picnic, they receive an unexpected visit from Sam the Titfur, asking Terry and Tracey for their urgent help. They are needed to stop the Grayling. Sam, with his trusted Needed Bag, explains that they must get to the Memory Tree before the Grayling does or there will be grave consequences.

In this new adventure of a race against time, Terry and Tracey meet Wimple the Wizard again, walk on the backs of Skylings to cross a Canyon, dodge bouncing heads and watch a battle between two armies who fight every Saturday over who has the prettiest flower!

My Picnic Basket is the third story in the Birdsall family series following on from ‘What’s In My Fridge’ and ‘In My Toaster.’

‘What’s In My Fridge?’ Great imaginative writing as well as adding inspiration and bravery into the story!  Amazon Reader.

‘In My Toaster.’ I loved the ending of the story and that Tracey told Terry all about her adventure as he told his. The happy ending was just perfect! Amazon Reader.

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