In My Toaster


Ten-year-old Tracey Birdsall is missing her father who is stranded in New Zealand due to travel restrictions in the midst of a pandemic. Her brother hardly speaks or plays with her now that he is fifteen and has his own friends. Her mother is too busy trying to run the house by herself, so life can be lonely for Tracey – that is until she decides to make toast one morning and suddenly gets sucked into a magical world inside of the toaster!

She is guided by Sam the Titfur, a bird like creature that can change its size and carries a Needed Bag. On the journey she has to cross through a vertical river using only an umbrella, then over the Stone Bridge of Nowhere and hide from the Chatterings under a picnic blanket. She must take part in the shortest and slowest car race ever, were she gets stopped for speeding by a virtual police officer, before going down the biggest slide to meet Peter Smith the wizard.

“In My Toaster” is the second story in a series of fantasy adventures. The first book, “What’s In My Fridge?” tells the story of Tracey’s brother Terry, who encounters a very different world inside of his fridge! Each book holds a moral to the story. Terry must find the courage to stand up to the school bully and Tracey must learn to cope with her loneliness.

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