Daisy And The Deadly Dagger


In a priory on Bodmin Moor, murderous mayhem, Knights Templar fanatics, and long hidden family secrets unravel.

Daisy Dunwoody and Cleo, her rescue cat, retire to Bodmin Moor. Shy Daisy hopes that new clothes, a zany hairstyle and her bonkers ‘BURT’S van, will help her to overcome a marital breakup, the sale of her family home, and that dreaded significant birthday.

But Daisy’s new simple life becomes complicated when a body is found in her cottage. Suddenly, Daisy has to change her timid nature to save herself, and her newfound friends from the increasingly dangerous situations they find themselves in. Little do they know that their every move is being watched in the priory, corridors and crypt. Searching for Templar artefacts, their moorland visit ends in a scene of bloodshed.

The arrival in the post of a birth certificate, leaves Daisy shocked and distraught. Chaos ensues when Flora, Daisy’s new, boisterous puppy, finds the vital evidence. But is it enough to solve the puzzle?


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