Café 7Rheinhardt


Vienna, 1939

Anton Fischer, a curator at the prestigious Belvedere art museum, stands at the crossroads. War is on the horizon. Should he stay in Vienna under Germany`s oppressive regime, hide to avoid conscription in the Wehrmacht,  or flee and join those opposed to Adolf Hitler?

Sacrificing his feelings for the woman he loves, Anton makes his way to England, and  joins the Royal Air Force. Suffering injury during combat, Anton is seconded to the Monuments, Fine Art and Archives Programme. Its aim, to safeguard, and where possible, return to their rightful owners’ works of art expropriated by the Nazis.

In the final stages of the Second World War he returns to Vienna, in search of the woman he loves. But nothing is simple. In following his heart, Anton is painfully aware that she may be beyond his reach.

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