And Still The Faer Folk Dance


In the midst of the grim reality of the Great War, Frances takes comfort in the tales of the Faer Folk recounted by her dearest friend, Joe. As tragedy threatens to engulf her, Frances appeals to those mysterious beings out of desperation and is astonished by the response.

Meanwhile, Colen, a young soldier haunted by the horrors of the front line, takes refuge in the village, nestled at the top of the Yorkshire Dales. Seeking only peace and healing, he finds himself drawn into the adventure, rekindling his own deep connection with the world of Faerie.

However, an evil mind plots against them all, a dark heart bent only on destruction and revenge…

“And Still The Faer Folk Dance” is a spellbinding liminal fantasy, a compelling, nostalgic tale of love, hope and perseverance that unfolds against the backdrop of a war-torn world.

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