Samantha L Hill

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I genuinely believe that the best sound in the world is the giggle of a small child.  Taking children through a variety of animated emotions through storytelling is an absolute delight.

I am a fully qualified and experienced marketer and have a degree in communications, culture and media and a CIM diploma in marketing.  I’m also a Public Relations specialist having worked both in-house and agency side.

Although I don’t have any children of my own, I have a very close relationship with my nieces and nephews to which I have bought and read hundreds of children books for over the years.  I believe that the time spent reading to children is a fantastic opportunity to have fun with them and help them to develop in all areas of life.  Bedtime reading is also a good opportunity to give them a warm and happy feeling from stories before sleep.

When I’m not writing or working in a marketing capacity, I enjoy spending time with my family and taking regular exercise – particularly a good Clubbercise session with loud music where I can release the stresses of the day.