Brian S Montgomery

Current Photo of Author

Brian S. Montgomery’s journey from South London streets to a respected Health, Safety, and Quality Consultant Specialist exemplifies resilience and determination. Overcoming dyslexia and a challenging upbringing, he has built an impressive career spanning three decades, marked by a master’s degree, a Graduate Diploma in occupational health and safety, and double diplomas in mental health and substance abuse. Specialising in mental health, homelessness, and addiction, Brian’s consultancy work and writings are deeply rooted in real-world experiences.

Brian’s leadership of The Hay Patrollers, an innovative program, has made a significant impact in reducing knife crime and gang involvement among young people. This initiative, which promotes inclusivity, has directly benefited numerous young participants and has reached a wider audience through platforms like YouTube, where it continues to inspire and educate.

His dedication to creating safer communities and empowering at-risk youth is inspiring. His current projects, including the book and screenplay titled ‘Ty,’ reflect his ongoing commitment to crafting narratives that resonate with diverse audiences and drive positive change. He is passionate about making communities safer and empowering at-risk youth through his innovative programs.

Brian’s other completed works include:

  • Ty – Three-part TV Drama & Book. The book is published by Blossom Spring Publishing.
  • Quill – Detective Series, Three-part TV Drama.
  • The Feathered Tree – Mental Health six-part TV Drama.