Ashley Brandt

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Ashley Brandt is from Southern California. She lives in North Texas with her loving husband and two wonderful boys. Ashley has been reading and writing stories since she was very young, and enjoys spinning colorful tales with extraordinary characters. She has published four books and some poetry, and plans to publish future works.

Ashley attended junior college in Texas, earning her Degree in Applied Science and Paramedicine. Ashley works as a Licensed Paramedic in North Texas, and she is passionate about helping people. She has worked as a healthcare provider for over eight years, and  serves as an adjunct instructor for the EMS program at the college she attended.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys photography, swimming, hiking, and volunteers with the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. She fosters kittens for the local animal shelter and loves to garden. Ashley’s passion for writing comes from a lifetime of immersive reading, and the desire to create a beautiful escape for her readers. In books, anything is possible! Ashley finds inspiration from the people and places she encounters and enjoys creating literary heroes from real-life ones.