So Many Secrets

In a chance meeting on a train in 1968, working class Ernest meets an aristocratic young girl who reminds him so much of his dead wife Annetta, causing him to collapse from shock.  Lucinda is concerned for the old man and follows him to the hospital, leaving a contact address with his grandson, David.

An illegitimate child is given away at birth to a wealthy titled lady. But who is the mother and does she know the identity of the father?  Etta’s estranged sister Dossie has kept too many secrets hidden for more than half a century and it is only when David finally makes contact that the relationship between his grandfather and the young woman on the train becomes clear.

‘So Many Secrets’ is an unexpected love story with many twists and turns, some of them dark and mysterious but the biggest secret of all is why Lucinda Addington bears such an uncanny resemblance to Ernest’s dead wife.


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