Rum Raisin Rendezvous


Mattie Bryant is a frustrated teacher and perpetual fiancé to Peter Dawson. When her aunt and uncle offer her an opportunity to own Ig-Loo, their long-established ice cream parlor, Mattie  jumps at the chance to move forward after being in both personal and professional limbo.

Elfie, a young wearable-art designer, stops by Ig-Loo one day looking for a particular flavor, and perhaps more. She’s marked Peter as a sucker for her capers. But when Peter reaches out to Mattie, she struggles between ignoring him or putting her new life on hold to help him.

Private eye Carl Statler is a dashing British expat who has been hired by Elfie’s family to find her. Unbeknownst to Mattie, Peter’s nemesis, and the object of Carl’s investigation, are one of the same. Mattie and Carl pool their resources to untie a dangerous knot tightening around Peter and Elfie, and in doing so find themselves caught up in a turmoil of their own!



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