Ride The Mountain


Adam  Livesey, a professional downhill skier, watches in horror as his close friend, Anatoly Vasiliev, competes in a ski jump that goes tragically wrong. His dying words to Adam are perplexing, but those who caused his death believe what he knew has been passed on. Now, regarded as a threat, Adam must also be silenced.

At his palatial residence on the shores of the Black Sea, the Russian President, Leonie Tupolev, is incensed when he learns of the construction of a larger, even more elaborate building on an adjacent promontory.

Not only will it block Tupolev`s treasured views of the shoreline, it is being built for Leonid Davidenko, head of the Russian Mafia. Adam and Alexei Sokolov join forces to thwart Bratva – the Mafia in Russia responsible for the attempts on Adam`s life.


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