No One Lives Forever


What do you do when you find out you and some of your family members are immortal?

If you were Penny Reed, first, you would freak out, then find a way to deal with it. Before Mavis Smith died, she asked her granddaughter to find her diary. When Penny does eventually find the diary, little does she know that it would change her life forever!

Her grandmother had never spoken about being immortal, not ever! So finding answers to this revelation is extremely difficult. Reading her grandmother’s diary is somewhat confusing and scary, and leads to more questions than answers.

As Penny struggles to deal with the diary entries, she is guided to other immortals. These people help educate her on how to deal with living a life surrounded by mortals. Being born in a Leap Year is a defining factor, which prompts medical researchers into finding the Smith-Reed family. Wanting DNA samples was the start of a many-year hunt for immortals, and multiple researchers are positive they will find the answers to living forever.

However, even the immortals discover the shocking truth that no one lives forever, themselves included! 

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