Glimmers of Hope


Birdie’s story is not a common one. As an infant, she was abandoned at a train station in the town of New Hope and grew up in the foster care system. After bouncing around from home to home, and school to school, she is finally ready to put those struggles behind her as she graduates high school.

To pass the time and save some money before her dreams of attending college come true, she takes a summer job as a live-in housekeeper working for an affluent family on The North Shore of Long Island. The excitement for her new job dampens, however, when her high school bully, Austen, shows up unexpectedly. What should be a trouble-free summer takes a dramatic turn as she desperately tries to avoid run-ins with the bosses’ wealthy son.

Birdie thinks her life will be simple now that she is out of the foster care system, but, she will soon learn just how complicated life, and love, can get.


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