Boy On The Rocks


Jack learns of his missing parents’ battle against Global Imperium, the international art charity headed by the Browns and discovers the evil Second World War source of their wealth. But since the ‘incident’ in the TV studio, the Browns fear Jack. And they should. Jack can paint anything, even their inner most fears and secrets.

Then there’s The Smoking Man, in the other place, the parallel world of the jungle. He and the Browns have set a trap for Jack, with Susan Hill, Jack’s school friend, as bait. Cross The Smoking Man and he’ll send out the Occisors to deliver his Edicto Acri-Mortem and crush your bones.

If Jack can’t solve the Smoking Man’s ciphers, he will never see Susan or Nan again. But Jack has a deeper gift he is yet to discover.

BOY ON THE ROCKS is the second book of the JACK LOVE series. A wonderfully adventurous story by D.W. Haggard, with surreal illustrations by Nigel Cushion.

BOY ON THE ROCKS where the fantasy and magic feel as natural as the wind.

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