Bonnie And The Gleam Queen Team


Isn’t cleaning your room the most boring, most gloomy chore ever? Oh, it makes you want to both yawn and scream. Everybody’s room gets messy, but no boy or girls’ room is as messy as Bonnie Robbins. Bonnie’s room is a monstrous mess that even ghosts and ghouls would scream with fright!

It’s almost summer and Bonnie has a problem. Bonnie’s mum has had enough of Bonnie’s incredibly messy room and has warned her that if her room isn’t clean by the first day of summer, she won’t be allowed to go to summer camp. Bonnie loves summer camp and wouldn’t want to miss it for the world, but as she gazes around the disgusting state of her room, she realises she can’t possibly undertake such a mammoth task alone.

Staring hopelessly out of her dusty window, she suddenly turns around, startled by a magical multi coloured light. The Gleam Queen and her two dust bunnies appear – ready for a fun, sparkling, bubbly singalong, cleaning adventure.

But Bonnie’s room is nothing like they had ever seen before. Will they get Bonnie’s room cleaned on time? And will Bonnie get to go to summer camp?

An entertaining story that will keep children turning the pages, teaching them to keep their room clean!

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