A Piece Of The Jigsaw

At Easter time the balance of nature has been disturbed and strange happenings are occurring in Porthenby Cove, on the North Coast of Cornwall. The Dragon, who takes up residence in an inaccessible sea cave on every flood tide, forms part of an elaborate eco system, which serves to maintain the status quo, but she is failing.  

The local community assemble to identify the problem – a deadly consignment of WW1 gas, stored for over 100 years in an abandoned undersea tin mine which is leaking into the Cornish Sea. The Dragon’s power is diminished, due to the poisonous effect of the toxic gas, and the community is drawn together in an attempt to save the cove.

 Major Rupert Angove, with his friends Sam and Jasper (the fathers of Chesten, Tamara and Jack) bravely enter the mine in an attempt to relocate the gas. They face crumbling walls, impending flooding and the maniacal acts of a malevolent piskie incarcerated there, as they struggle to try and complete their task.

At the same time as their fathers enter the tin mine, unknown to their parents, Chesten, Tamara and Jack set off on a quest to save the Dragon, believing that they are able to help her renew her powers and restore the existing state of affairs. With their youthful enthusiasm their journey takes them to the very heart of the Dragon’s lair, with the intention of saving the Dragon’s life and escaping unharmed…

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