20 Adolescent Plays And Monologues For Schools


Intended to help English, drama and PHSCE teachers deliver lessons that deal with the challenges faced by children in today’s digital age, this collection of 20 contemporary plays covers subjects including social media, cyberbullying and online grooming, as well as issues around diversity, racism, gender, disability and peer pressure.  

These short plays have been specially written so teachers can deliver ‘page to stage’ lessons in which each play can be explored, rehearsed and developed into a performance within a single lesson. And with minimum planning and preparation required, they help teachers scaffold classwork while providing a handy resource for non-specialist and cover teachers needing stimulating work that engages pupils’ interest.

In addition, each play has an accompanying monologue that provides a deeper insight into the characters and themes. These can be used to help pupils improve their performances or undertake more detailed analysis.  

Practical extension work is provided for each play, offering reading, writing and speaking and listening tasks that support drama, PSHCE and English objectives. Useful in preparing pupils for GCSE drama and English assessments, they also support young people’s wellbeing by allowing them to explore these serious topics in a safe environment.

The plays also cover a range of different theatre practitioners and styles, including Brecht, Stanislavski and Physical Theatre, helping drama pupils to develop their theoretical knowledge and performance skills.

Full list of themes and topics covered in this book:

Disability, racism, diversity, LGBTQ, responsibility, trust & mistrust, behaviour, bullying, isolation, social media, grooming, acceptance, challenge, confidence, family, social & peer pressure, empowerment, unity, denial, turning failure to success, resilience, empathy, challenging aggression, gender stereotyping, gambling, addiction, self-obsession, growing up, family breakdown, healthy eating, road safety, mobile device awareness and school rules.


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