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Ian Thomas Gwilliams, originally from Liverpool, England, has been married to his wife Jane for 39 years and they have two grown up children. Ian’s a retired blue collar worker and served an apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce Motors Crewe, where he was lucky to be involved in building bespoke motor cars for the British Royal family and also armoured limousines for foreign dignitaries. After twenty years of service he then went to live and work in Canada for a short while, before returning to England and starting a career in the aerospace industry, before finally retiring in 2019.

Ian’s hobbies include golf, lots of reading, walking, cycling and model making, plus a fascination with all things concerning World War II historical facts. His favourite authors include Damien Lewis, Stephen E. Ambrose and James Holland. His influences for writing also include classic WWII films like The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far and Saving Private Ryan, plus the Band of Brothers TV series. After visiting the battlefields and cemeteries of the D-Day landings in Normandy and following the route of The Battle of the Bulge through Belgium, Ian was inspired to write his debut novel, ‘U-boat 931, Attack on America’, which was completed during the lockdown periods of the covid pandemic. All the facts, weapons and timeline contained within the story were painstakingly researched and the actions described, could have actually taken place during the period of the conflict. The narrative is a good old fashioned action and adventure tale, full of heroes and villains.

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