Nessun Dorma


Donna McCarthy, an ambitious estate agent, falls victim of a killer who leaves no trace of her body. Recently demoted DC Carter – overweight and a heavy drinker – believes his superiors are making a mistake when they suspect her husband. Donna’s sons embark on an intense search for their missing mother. They soon face the glaring possibility that she is not only missing but has been murdered.

But who is responsible? And why is there no evidence in the ex-mining town of Monkey Island? There can be only one answer: the killer is from the island.

The killer’s resolve is sorely tested when he sees a woman who is the image of his first kill. Breaking his own MO, he seeks prey without proper planning. The lives of the killer, DC Carter and the McCarthys become hopelessly entangled, forcing them on a course to unearth Mrs McCarthy. Through love, loss and some crazy decisions, the McCarthy boys question whether revenge is a path worth taking.


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