Thomas Johnston

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Thomas Johnston lives in South-East London and works as a logistics manager.  He has had an interest in history and writing from an early age. Although his family hail from Ireland, his ancestors originated in Scotland. He grew up in the border area of the North-West of Ireland in Donegal, mirroring the life of his ancestors, who grew up in the border region of South-West Scotland in Annandale. Both Thomas and his ancestors had to deal with the armies, police forces and border forces of both countries, while at the same time, avoiding the attentions of the paramilitary organisations that were operating in the area. His early career was as a soldier, and after 12 years in the Irish Guards, he had a successful career as a Security Adviser and Security Consultant. He now occupies a role as a Logistics Manager for a large construction company.

Thomas enjoys walking with his fiancé, has a passion for reading and writing, and is also an enthusiastic family history researcher. His love of family history research comes from his mother and sisters, who started the family history research and the family tree. His inspiration to write comes from the stories that his father told him when he was young about the turbulent past of the Johnston Clan. His keen interest in history, and the years spent in family history research all combine in his writing style.  His historical fiction writing is based on the stories told by his father. It is often said that history repeats itself, and that is true in the case of the Johnstons. The stories of how the Johnstons lived and acted hundreds of years ago are replicated by the Johnstons alive today.